The 5 Best Wireless Chargers for Multiple Devices of 2021

A wireless charger is the means of transferring electricity from a power outlet to a device without the use of a cable. This is achieved by placing your device on the charging pad and power will be transmitted to it through electromagnetic induction. Wireless charging is also known as inductive charging or cordless charging. If you have several devices that run low simultaneously and need to be charged, then you need a wireless charger for multiple devices. These wireless chargers will power up your phone, smart watch and airpods at the same time, yet still manage to ensure safe and fast charging. After a thorough research on the best wireless chargers, we bring the 5 best wireless chargers for multiple devices of 2021 right to your screen.

1. Intoval Wireless Charger for Multiple Devices

The Intoval Wireless Charger is made with an upgraded design and an internal chip which ensures safe and fast wireless charging. The charging station supports up to 10W fast charging. You can place it horizontally to watch videos while charging or horizontally to video chat while charging too. Included in the package is an adapter, a cable and a service card. To charge iPhone, iWatch and Airpods simultaneously, use only the adapter that comes with the charging station. In addition, you are to avoid using the following kind of cases: thicker than 5mm, magnet or metal, cards holder and popsocket grip. For faster and more stable charging, you have to align your phone or watch to the center of the charging area and keep it close to the charging pad

+ 360-day warranty

+ Exclusive multifunctional intelligent protect technology

+ LED indicators to inform you whether your devices are charging, not charging or there has been an error in connection

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2. Muleug Wireless Charging Stand

The Muleug Wireless Charging Stand is made with an advanced technology that detects your device and delivers fast charging at 10W for a Samsung phone and 7.5W for an iPhone. It is equipped with various functions such as overcurrent, overcharge, overvoltage, overheat, temperature control function, automatic switch off, foreign matter and metal object identification. Furthermore, there is a QC 3.O adapter included which enables speedy charging for your devices. You are not to charge devices that have metal cases, metal rings, grips or cases thicker than 5mm.

+ Advanced automatic control technology

+ Fast heat dissipation

+ The charging stand hides the cables, thereby getting rid of tangled/cluttered wires

Unsuitable with Apple Watch Series 1

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3. Zealsound Wireless Charging Pad

The Zealsound Wireless Charging Pad is able to charge 3 Qi-enabled phones simultaneously 15% faster with its 12V/2A AC adapter. This is achieved through the use of highly efficient components and an advanced chipset that are installed within the adapter. The charging pad is made of leather and is ultra slim, this coupled with a premium copper wire ensures safe charging and effective heat dissipation. The charging pad does not charge through metal cases or cases thicker than 4mm, so you would have to take it off whenever you want to charge your device. In addition, it has an in-built temperature control, surge protection, short-circuit protection, overcharge protection, radiation shielding, foreign object detection and no indicator, so that you can enjoy a worry-free wireless charging experience.

+ Exclusive multifunctional intelligent protect technology

+ Lightweight

+ Classy leather design

Cannot charge any Smart Watch

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4. JoyGeek Wireless Charging Station

The JoyGeek Wireless Charging Station can charge up to 3 devices simultaneously. Included in the package are an 18W QC 3.O adapter and a 3.3 feet USB-C cable. The charging speed of the charging station is 20% faster than other charging stations. Furthermore, the charging stand is made of an ABS fire-resistant material which protects the phone against fluctuating temperature, short-circuit and over-voltage. A metal case, magnetic pad, credit card, grips, stands and cases thicker than 5mm will interfere with charging, so you have to take these off before charging. The charging station is coated with silicone which makes it electrostatic-proof. Also, the silicone mat at the bottom keeps the charging station stable. Meanwhile, the rubber mats at the front protect your devices from getting scratched and from sliding off during charging. For a large-sized phone, like an iPhone 12 pro max or a 13 pro max, you have to place it horizontally while charging.

+ Silicone coatings cover

+ Qi certified

+ Heat dissipation holes to reduce heat build-up

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5. Miromtec Wireless Charging Station for Multiple Devices

The Miromtec 3 in 1 charging station allows you to charge up to 3 devices at the same time. It comes with a LED indicator that goes off automatically after 10 seconds so it won’t disturb you while sleeping. It is made with a U shape design that allows for landscape and portrait orientations. In addition, the charging station has charging speeds of 10W, 3W and 5W which provides fast charging while still protecting your device’s battery.

+ Temperature control

+ Power surge protection

+ Short-circuit prevention

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Wrapping Up

The 5 best wireless chargers for multiple devices of 2021 will make it possible for you to charge up to 3 devices at once, so you don’t have to take turns to charge them. Doing the latter will cause you to expend energy and lose time, but if you purchase one of the aforementioned wireless chargers, you can be assured that you would enjoy speedy charging for your devices and yet still manage to save precious time.

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