5 Ways to Ensure Commercial Electric Safety

Electric safety is very important to keep up with when it comes to commercial buildings. Since commercial buildings have a way more consumption of power load than residential buildings, the chances of electric hazards occurring in the former are higher. Commercial buildings usually have many offices set up on each floor, with each office having a different set of electric appliances.

 From computers to air conditioners to projectors to coffee machines – the list goes on. It’s highly essential to prevent electric hazards to protect the wellbeing of a commercial building’s employees. This post will take you through different ways to prevent electric hazards from happening and be around an environment that ensures safety. 

Check for Damaged Outlets

For the utmost protection from electric hazards, you need to look for any damaged outlets that can possibly give out nasty shocks. Wall outlets, also known as receptacles, are prone to wear out quite easily. When that happens, the metal points within the receptacle tend to lose their grip on its cords. That leads to the wall building up heat, which can eventually cause a big explosion or set fire to the room. So, if there are many electrical appliances situated in the room, it’s essential to keep a check on the outlet they’re attached to in order to prevent them from wearing out.

Replace Worn-Out Cords

Sometimes, electrical appliances can have cords that eventually wear out. It’s quite common and can happen anytime. The thing is, technology may have made life easier, but it doesn’t always last long. Appliances may be robust but will eventually go obsolete – and in some cases, not without causing a big disaster. So, to prevent any electric hazards through a worn-out cord, you must keep checking if the wire or cord has started to show from the inside. These tiny wires, when exposed, can easily cause susceptible materials such as a curtain or rug to catch on fire. Before it comes to that, replace the cord immediately.

Student constructing electric prototype

Install Circuit Breakers

Here’s the deal with commercial appliances – they all have different watt usages. The size of the appliance normally determines the watt usage. From floor air conditioners to desktop computers to fluorescent tube lights – all vary when it comes to voltages. For example, floor-standing air conditioners consume up to six thousand watts, whereas desktop computers consume about two-fifty. Since all of these appliances have different watt usages, they ought to run on different amp levels in circuits. Now, the circuit may not be able to handle such a variety of watts simultaneously and may lead to short-circuit, causing a fire. So, install a circuit breaker to interrupt the flow of such electric energy by “tripping” and prevent any further damage.

Switch Off Appliances

More often than not, we forget to switch off an appliance when we’re done using it. This can be highly dangerous as it can be the number one cause to start a fire. What happens is, when an appliance is left switched on, the watts get on being consumed, and the flow of the amps keeps on running. This leads to the appliance being overused. Electric appliances have a certain limit until they can’t handle being functioned. Like humans, they need rest too to operate better. When an appliance is switched on for too long, it eventually short-circuits and burns internally, making way for an explosion to occur. So, whenever you’re done using an appliance, remember to switch it off and give it the rest it needs.

Maintenance Checks

Commercial electric appliances tend to need many maintenance checks to ensure that they’re running just fine. Technology can actually be very unpredictable. You may never know when it might short-circuit and wears out. It’s necessary that you look out for any signs, such as a strange smell or an unusual sound coming from the appliance. If you spot an anomaly with any of the commercial appliances, either get it fixed right away or get rid of it immediately if it has gone obsolete. Maintaining appliances will only benefit you and others around you as you wouldn’t want to get any nasty shocks or, God forbid, witness a fire in the building.