10 Interesting Facts About Electric Cars

As you know the use of electric cars is increasing immensely due to their increased efficiency and reduced cost. There are many interesting facts about electric cars that you might not know. Keep reading and have an insight into these facts!

Electric cars have a specific noise system

In the past electric cars used to generate no noise while driving, which added to the peace of drivers while driving. But in 2019 a new EU rule was devised according to which it was legally required to generate noise from electric and hybrid cars so that cyclists and pedestrians can hear that and chances of accidents could be reduced. The artificial noise system produces noise outside the car so that EV drivers don’t get disturbed.

Electric cars have “Dog mode” for pets

Tesla cars have introduced “Dog mode” in electric cars. Drivers can use the overheated cabin protection function to keep their pets inside the car and maintain the temperature for them. Moreover, a signal is displayed on the center touch screen panel for passers-by that says everything is ok and the pet is safe inside.

The cost to drive an electric vehicle is less than half of the gasoline one

The cost of gasoline is more than double the electric power used to run electric vehicles. The cost of maintenance of electric cars is also less which makes them more cost-effective.

An electric car can power a house

The power from the electric car can be used to supply power to a house. The electric car is a sort of battery on wheels. These batteries can be used to power an outdoor event like having a small party with friends or lighting up a Christmas tree.

Braking increases the miles range

Electric vehicles use regenerative braking to slow down. It means that whenever a driver applies brake to the car, the energy used to reduce the speed of the car is converted into the power that gets stored in the battery. So, if a car would be driven down from a high place it will increase the battery power.

The number of electric car users is increasing immensely

The industry of electric cars is increasing at a speed beyond thought. Many people are preferring to have electric cars due to their added features and convenience. Prices of batteries are decreasing day by day that is resulting in the price reduction of electric cars. In the UK a new electric car is registered every nine minutes.

Electric cars can reduce health and climate costs

Gasoline cars are responsible for $37 billion cost in health and climate. If the number of electric vehicles would be increased this cost can be largely reduced. Because electric cars don’t emit any tailpipe pollutants that pollute the climate and results in diseases.

Electric cars are not a new concept

Another interesting fact is the concept of electric cars is not new. Thomas Parker introduced the first electric car in 1884 who was responsible for introducing a range of innovations into the UK including the electrification of the London Underground. Electric cars were used for some time greatly but then the concept of gasoline internal combustion overshadowed electric vehicles. But nowadays it is increasing again.

Overnight charging is enough

About 95% of the drivers drive less than 75 miles per day. So if someone charges his electric car overnight it can last the whole day and will not run out of battery. Many people charge their vehicles at home but the charging stations are also increasing in number day by day to facilitate the drivers even more.

80% of Energy in EV is directly used to power the car

Interestingly, electric vehicles are more efficient and less costly for the fact that 80% of the electric energy is directly used to power the car and energy is not wasted. While on the other hand in gasoline cars only 14-26% of Energy is used to power the car because of which the cost of driving increases.


The electric car is an extremely useful invention of science that is adding comfort to human lives. They have many interesting features in them and many new are also getting introduced. In the coming years we will see huge improvements and cool features in electric cars.