Top 5 Free Smartphone Apps for Electric Cars

Why do you need apps for electric cars? They help you plan your next trip in your electric car and when to charge it. And trust me, you have got a lot of options to choose from. In this article, we are going to talk about some top charging apps that are available for free in the market. The reason behind using these apps is they come with all the features a driver would find useful for electric vehicles. And to get you into the habit of using these apps, in case you have never used one. Trying that on a paid app can be a very expensive experience. But then again, these free apps offer the same level of service and user experience as a paid app would.

The paid apps for electric cars integrate customer services, crowdsourced data, visibility, and more through membership or pay-as-you-go models to offer drivers a smooth process to keep their electric cars up and running. The application also enables the customer to make a transition into a chain system of new clean and sustainable energy chargers, moving towards renewables for the electrical grid rather than using the old-fashioned gas pumps.

In the last few years, innovators and electric car companies have fitted everything into the app. You can now have a complete and customized set of options at your fingertips. In the case of every feature from performance to functionalities, apps for electric cars represent diversified criteria for enterprise application. And it doesn’t matter if your needs include checking into a hotel, cruising through an open road, or just commuting to work.

Now, in this article, I provide some free EV apps that you can get for your electric car. You can select them based on the standards like the best fit for your car model, driving patterns, location, and preferred mode of payment for EV charging services. And I think you might want to get a test-drive of the apps before you commit to one, so here I have given the list of free apps only. You may find that one app has some useful features you could use while another app has some better interface. So, it’s a case of personal needs and preferences. Now, it’s time we dive into the details of the available options.

1. PlugShare

Plugshare is one of the most popular charging information apps and has more than 230,000 locations on file. The users have to report themselves about their local charging status on the app which works the same as the social model. After seeing this app you might wish you had one of these apps for a conventional gasoline vehicle for when back in the days you had to wait in the long lines for refueling and other shortage situations.

You would be amazed to know that Plugshare is a crowdsourced platform that offers detailed information and user-reported updates on charging status like “waiting for charge” or “not able to charge” and so on.

You can search for available charging stations near to you by their type like public, high power, residential, and filter them by the service provider. The Plugshare members can also share their residential chargers with other members on an interactive map in the app. This EV application is supported by both android and ios operating systems. 

Many electric vehicle drivers loved using Plugshare for planning trips. They say that it creates transparency for the road ahead and has some exclusive trip planner features that are very popular among EV drivers.  

2. Charge Hub

Charge Hub is a charging application that helps the user to find the nearest charging station in their area. Over 100000 users trust this application to manage their next trip on an electric car. Charge Hub also allows users to share their charging experiences and flag stations if they have certain problems. And you would not believe it if I say that it also enables you to chat with other users which might prove to be helpful in particular situations like when you need the driver of another electric car to unplug.

Similar to the social media platforms, you can also share some photos on the Charge Hub app, and can leave comments or tips about charging stations. The map in the app shows green and red icons to inform you whether the station is currently open for use or not. And you can search the charging stations on the map by putting a filter.

Additionally, Charge Hub provides a visual dashboard display to the users to help them make customized profiles as per their EV trips requirements. You can use this application on both mobile operating systems.

3. Chargeway

If you want an EV app that helps you focus on some particular model or a charging system then Chargeway is the perfect pick for you. You just have to set your charging type in the application and then Charegway will just focus on identifying the chargers in the charging networks that offer services for your preferred choice of charging.

To distinguish between a wide range of features including ChaDeMo, CCS, and supercharger, Chargeway uses a color-coding system. This app for electric cars also uses the same system to distinguish between 120V and 240V levels and DC fast charging. 

Moreover, the creators of this app are collaborating with the electric car dealers, utility service providers, stakeholders, and more to bring awareness about how to innovate the charging systems as more and more electric cars roll down onto the roads.

4. Greenlots

Our next choice for a free charging app is Greenlots which is brought to you by the corporate Shell Group. It has extended its electric charging business in the US, Canada, Singapore, and Thailand. It provides all the features that a basic EV app would do, including real-time charging updates, balance information, nearest charging stations, and more.

An RFID and a QR code functionality are rendered in the app to make convenient research and a customer care team is always present to give answers to your questions. Though Greenlots offers detailed information on different charging options, ChaDeMo, and CCS, it doesn’t distinguish between them the same way other EV applications do. Also, this app is very well-known among the drivers who use their electric cars regularly.

5. MyGreenCar

All the applications we talked about until now are the type of app that you would use after you had an EV. But MyGreenCar is such an app that you can also use before you choose your electric car. This app is developed by a researcher at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to allow the drivers to take a virtual test of driving green vehicles.

All a user has to do is download the app from the app store, select some electric vehicles they wish to drive and then just go for a drive as they drive their car as usual. Now, what does this app do? So, while you are driving your car, this application records all the data about your driving style like how much brake you push, how you push the gas – fast or slow and what do you do in complicated situations and traffic. And that’s not it, this application also considers your car’s fuel costs and compares them with the electric vehicles that you have selected so that it can anticipate your range viability and the charging-related requirements.

Now, after recording all the data, MyGreenCar app analyzes it all so that it can evaluate which EV from your choices could fit best as per your driving style and lifestyle. So, this app takes the guesswork out of the equation while you go out to buy an electric car.


All the applications we discussed in this blog come in handy and be very useful to EV drivers. So, now the only question is what are your requirements?