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Importance of Software’s in Mobile Phones

Mobiles have enabled us to do a lot of things. Recently, the addition of software’s to the mobile world has enabled us to do a lot more things. For example: the ‘Google maps’ software has aided people to get directions when they are in unknown places. It has also given the people a chance to know about the geography of different places around the world. Besides, using maps in smartphones also helps users to ‘check-in’ different places and post them in social networks. In this way, other people can also know about the whereabouts of the specific user. It also helps people to know about their location in the world map. People can also use this software to search different places and locate specific destinations.

There are other software’s as well. These include camera editor, voice recorder, internet browser, health managing applications and other social network application as well.

With the camera editing feature, one can take photos in his/her phone and save it to view it later on. Videos can also be recorded in the phone which can be saved to be edited or viewed later on. One of the best software is the health managing software. This software helps people to monitor their day- to- day activities and also maintain good health. Through the health managing software, people can record how much distance they have walked, how many steps they have taken while traveling the distance, how many calories they have lost and many more things. With these software’s, one can also maintain their diet and daily intake of food and thus have a good control on their weight.

The voice recording software’s help people to record different audio file in their phone. For example: if a person likes a particular file and he does not have the file, then he can record this audio on the audio recorder software and can save it to listen to it later on. People also use this software when they are in an important meeting and they do not want to miss out any contents of the meeting. Then, they can turn this audio recorder on and record the meeting and save it. Later, when he will be free, he can listen to the audio file and check whether he had missed out any important information.

The web browser software helps people to surf the internet and withdraw important information that they need. Addition of this software to the mobile phones has helped people to do things that they have never imagined before. Through the internet, people can download media files, watch videos online and do many more things.

Social network software’s have helped people to keep in touch with their friends and family. People can talk about any special event, anything that has happened to them, and talk to their friends who are living abroad with the help of social network software’s. They can also make video calls and see each other through the mobile phones and this helps to strengthen the bond between people.

Thus, we can see that there are a lot of software’s in mobiles which provide us with a lot of facilities and they play a key role to help us operate mobile phones.



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