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IOS 15: The Best Guide To Save Battery Life In iPhone

As an iPhone user, you might face the same battery drain problem after updating IOS 15 software as the rest of us. Battery drain is quite a common complaint of iPhone users after updating IOS 15 software. Following the given guide might help you save life of your iPhone batteries.

To satisfy your wonder of why the iPhone is draining so much battery, knowing the cause would help. 

Battery drain, among other problems, arises due to software bugs without any potential reason. Yet, it is not the only factor to be taken care of. There may be outdated apps, unorganized storage, and many power-sucking features that might be draining a large amount of your phone battery.  

It is easy to know which app sucks most of the battery by going to the battery section and carefully examining the battery usage of the past ten days or 24 hours.  

By finding you can control them either by deleting or by reinstalling if to be needed. For instance, the most complaint app regarding battery drainage is Spotify – a music app that reported having overheating issues. The app has been under investigation since then.  

One of the power-hungry features is background app refresh, which needs to be managed smartly to save your battery. Go to the Setting and navigate to General -> Background App Refresh -> Background App Refresh. It would be unwise to Turn Off the feature entirely; instead, I suggest you buckle for Spotify. 

You also need to quit apps if they are no longer in use by opening the app switcher. Then just by swiping up, you can kill the app card, which proves to be fruitful in saving the power of your battery. 

Another power-hungry feature is Location Services which causes battery drain in IOS 15 for it is managed poorly. The best way to utilize this feature is by allowing specific apps to use your location while you are using the app or where location data is mandatory.   

You can do that by opening Settings and navigating to Privacy -> Location Services. Now, either you can completely turn off the service or turn on for selective apps according to your need and wants.  

Reducing the Motion of the user interface is another heck for conserving the battery. If you don’t care about app icons’ animation and parallax effect, go to Head to Settings -> Accessibility -> Motion. Now turn on the toggle to Reduce Motion. 

Low Power Mode is also helpful to save battery life. This feature automatically reduces background activities like downloads. So, go to Settings -> battery and turn on Low Power Mode. It is to be noted that IOS 15 disables this feature automatically when the battery is sufficiently charged. So, every time you have to do it manually.  

By disabling the auto-date apps feature, you can get rid of the battery drain problem. This feature helps keep apps up to date. For this, go to Settings -> App Store and turn off App Updates. 

Outdated apps are also one of the factors responsible for battery drain. So it is wise to update the apps as soon as you can to save battery health. For this, open the App Store and select the Today tab. Then, tap on your profile icon, scroll down next and tap the Update All button if you want all to be updated at a time. Or else you can select a specific app and select the button next to it.